Printing of sequential barcodes on coated cartons

Download "jetStamp 1025 – The greatest precision in marking of packaging"

jetStamp® 1025 – The greatest precision in marking of packaging

Drucken auf beschichtete Verpackungen
The portfolio of the watch manufacturer Hanhart from Gütenbach in the Black Forest includes around 60 different stopwatch models.Instead of labels, the REINER jetStamp®1025, a mobile inkjet printer, is now used for marking.

More efficient, higher quality, and more accurate labelling

print barcodes on coated cartons
The mobile marking device jetStamp® 1025 first and foremost eliminates the error-prone and ugly labels at Hanhart. As another special feature, it permits standardisation of packaging, with growing quantities and the resulting reduction of the average costs for a single packaging item. Neutral productpackaging to be customised by way of matching barcodes for the watch models is now available for about 60 different stopwatch models.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Efficient – Elimination of labels reduces costs and protects the environmentClean – Always-perfect imprints of barcodes even on enamel-painted surfacesEverything at hand – Sufficient storage space for all data required on the device and its SD cardPrecise – An optional holder makes sure that every imprint is placed in the same location
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Printing of sequential barcodes on coated cartons
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