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REINER® presents its scanner business area at the world's largest ATM conference

REINER presents its scanner business area at the world's largest ATM conference
The world's largest ATM conference, ATMIA, was able to set a new record with more than 1,000 participants.

REINER® had a stand at the conference and exhibition from 06 - 08 February 2018, presenting the business area for self-service scanners.
"The event is growing from year to year, drawing banks, providers and suppliers across the entire ATM value-added chain," said Gerolf Heldmaier, Director Sales and Marketing.

"We were able to present our business area for document scanners and establish important contacts together with our partner, DBSI, Inc., the specialist for complete solutions for the financial industry (banks and credit cooperatives)."

REINER® is a leading provider of high-quality and reliable integrated scan modules that are installed in self-service kiosks and ATMs. The self-service scanners are robust and long-lived – customers profit of excellent support and best service. Our customers include the most important banks in the world.


What characterises a self-service cheque scanner by REINER®?

Optimal image quality of the scanned documents

The precise alignment of cheques enables the scanner to supply undistorted images. This alignment ensures that the MICR encoding line is precisely positioned below the MICR reader head, permitting optimal MICR results.
The image contrast of REINER® scanners is higher than that of conventional scanners by 15 %. This contrast essentially influences the recognition performance for the fields read from the OCR image, e.g. for the amount.
The recognition results in turn determine the throughput in cheque processing and therefore the processing costs for the bank.

No re-calibration during operation

The scanner is calibrated in the factory once. The control system is designed to compensate for the aging processes across 1 M documents.

Temperature sensor

The scanner has a temperature sensor that switches off when 70 degrees are reached in the device to prevent damage. The device switches on again automatically once it has cooled off.

Inkjet print system

Errors in the endorser print system are the most frequent fault in scanners.
REINER® uses an hp ink printing system in the scanner as endorser. The technology developed by REINER® ensures that the ink cartridge does not dry out or fail while in operation.

Error-tolerant behaviour/few failures of the scanners

The scanner uses the document position sensors to ensure that the shutter will only open when the cheque bundle is properly applied by the operator.
During voucher intake, the scanner uses a mechanical foreign-body sensor to check if there is precisely a single cheque. It stops processing if two pages are pulled in or if any foreign bodies such as staples or paper clips are detected. If two pages or foreign bodies are found, the cheques are automatically returned to the operator and a processing error or device failure (document accumulation) is securely prevented.

Integration support of the voucher scanner

REINER® supports check-ups in the area of mechanical integration and ensures together with the integrator that installation has been performed correctly.
Software integration ensures together with the integrator that the status messages of the scanning system trigger the correct control measure.

High technical standard

All drivers of the REINER® scanners are WHQL certified and can be installed easily on the Windows operating systems using the network connection. The current firmware can be installed via a download.

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