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Successful digitization in public authorities - with REINER®

Successful digitization in public authorities - with REINER
The City of Lüneburg shows how öpublic institutions can quickly and successfully digitalize the in-house workflow.

The partner is the marking specialist REINER®.
marking devices from REINER® are used in a wide variety of industries. They contribute to frictionless work processes and digitization. Even authorities such as the City of Lüneburg rely on the mobile inkjet printers from the Black Forest. With three new jetStamp® 1025 including printing station simplify in the Lowerächsischen Oberzentrum the administrative procedures of the post office significantly.

Before the changeover, incoming documents were stamped by employees, pre-sorted by department and prepared with labels or separator sheets for subsequent scanning. With the marker jetStamp® 1025, the incoming note and the specific barcode for the scanner are created in one step. After scanning, the software reads the barcode and automatically assigns the documents to the correct department.

For the city of Lüneburg, this measure, which is manageable in terms of conversion effort, contributes to the successful digitization of public authorities, simplifies processes, and reduces errors and workload.

» You can find the detailed application note here.
» Further information about the jetStamp® 1025 can be found here.