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A lightweight with powerful results

A lightweight with powerful results
BSW Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk GmbH from North Rhine-Westphalia makes sure of a secure footing for many athletes around the world on gym floors, with footfall sound insulation and floorings.

The BSW tatami martial arts mats, for example, have become a staple in big competitions.
Like judo, where the marked mats are regularly used, the portable marking device jetStamp® graphic 970 strives to achieve the "greatest effect with the least effort".

The mats are marked with the handy inkjet printer jetStamp® graphic 970. Thanks to battery operation and the option of storing up to four different print images on the device, the employees of BSW GmbH can use this mobile lightweight to directly mark their pallets. The annoying and elaborate change of wood stamps has finally become history.

Reliable, easy and diverse

The mobile inkjet printers have even more to offer. Employees are able to create the imprints quickly and easily with the enclosed "PCset graphic" software, before transferring the results to the device via Bluetooth.

The quick-drying MP ink ensures clear, clean imprints on the mat. The maximum imprint size of 65 x 12.7 mm (W x H) is easily large enough to print the quality designation E215, the note "Made in Germany" and the BSW GmbH logo alike onto the mats without re-loading or shifting.

» Download the application note of BSW Berleburger Schaumstoffwerke GmbH here to learn more about the application at BSW GmbH.