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Trouble-free product protection due to invisible marking

Trouble-free product protection due to invisible marking
There are many reasons why products have to be labelled: legal regulations, quick traceability in the event of a complaint or to distinguish plagiarism from the original product.
A possibility to mark the products without interfering with the product design is the direct printing with UV ink, which is only visible under special conditions.

Invisible and irreplaceable.

These invisible stamps can be easily applied with the mobile REINER jetStamp® models jetStamp® graphic 970 and REINER® 940. At the push of a button, discreet marking is carried out with the UV safety ink specially developed for this application. You can specify what the imprint should look like. The included software program PCset graphic supports you actively in the creation of your individual imprint design, which can then be transferred to the device via integrated Bluetooth or USB interface.

Unesthetic markings are a thing of the past, because the DataMatrix Code or barcodes can only be read using black light. You can use direct printing even with the smallest parts and almost any surface condition and all this without having to do without the well-known REINER® quality.

Protect products more easily and professionally

Product piracy and plagiarism is part of daily life these days, even outside the clothing industry. Preventive product protection is ensured with the help of invisible marking by mobile inkjet printers. At which point in the production chain the invisible marking takes place is entirely up to you. The fluorescent colour makes traceability possible at any time.

Even documents with higher security requirements can be protected from counterfeiting with the REINER®-jetStamp® models by imprinting them with an imprint. The discreet identification cannot be photographed or photocopied. This allows sensitive documents such as contracts, personnel files or special delivery notes to be labelled forgery-proof.

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