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Secure and reliable marking of small food batches

Secure and reliable marking of small food batches
Food is subject to comprehensive marking obligations. Whole that's not a problem in mass production, small regional producers or food start-ups need a way to efficiently, simply and securely mark their products in compliance with consumer protection regulations.
Mobile marking devices by REINER® are the best choice here.
Marking of food is subject to clear legal provisions. Important goals of food marking include health protection of consumers and protection against misleading. The information informs about the type of the food and any important features such as quantity, composition and durability. This permits product comparison and serves as a basis for a well-founded purchasing decision. These details are applied by machines in mass production. Small and often regional manfuacturers, such as organic farmers with local sales points or food start-ups are in a differnet situation. They are subject to the same obligations, but only produce small-series products – at times even manually. They then often use labels for marking, which will smear, come off and are prone to error. Reliable, flexible, smear-resistant marking on food packaging with an optimal print image and without any costly and error-prone labels is possible with the mobile inkjet printers by REINER®.

Printing on any packaging material

REINER® handheld inkjets were specifically developed for product marking of small lot sizes. The quick-drying REINER® ink adheres reliably to carton, wood, glass and plastics. This makes permanent goods marking of foods unproblematic and reliable. The high quality marking devices are characterised by a long battery runtime, economic ink consumption and a robust design. They can be used reliably in the respective working environment. A special protection mechanism at the print head keeps the ink from drying out during extended work breaks.
Mobile inkjet printers for food packaging – to keep things tasty for consumers

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