Mail Dater, Model 242

Special features

  • solid built hand stamp, made from steel
  • textplate with 30 mm or 35 mm head diameters
  • special comb spring for more confort when changing date
  • inking by using separate pad
  • various dates available


  • Ink pad for mail daters, un-inked (Order-N°: 40900-100)
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Pos.Sample PrintsA ↕ 
Pos. 112242; Pos.: Pos. 112; 3.0 mm (72dpi)3.0 mm
Pos. 114242; Pos.: Pos. 114; 3.0 mm (72dpi)3.0 mm

Technical Data

Prints:Number Date Text
Action:Stylo set
Textplate size:Diameter 30 mm or 35 mm, unengraved
Wheels and body:Made from steel, wheels locked in place by threaded pin
Figure size:3.0 mm
Figure style:Block
Net weight:about 170 g


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Cancellation Ink, 45 mlblack

Suitable for: 242
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Width of inner frame: