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New video: jetStamp® graphic 970 integrated in the logistics process

New video: jetStamp graphic 970 integrated in the logistics process
The marking devices can continually improve and optimise work processes:

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>> video "Process Optimisation with jetStamp® graphic 970" 

The Windows printer driver integrated into our handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® graphic 970 offers an interface that facilitates data reconciliation in combination with the mobile printer jetStamp® graphic 970 when using a barcode scanner.

This combination can benefit many different areas of modern companies.
The driver permits conversion of the marking data after scanning a barcode, e.g., from an order, and passes them on to the mobile printer, the handheld marking device jetStamp® graphic 970.
The driver is used to reconcile the converted data with a database that contains the matching and correct label.
This way, it is no longer necessary to call and send the marking data to the printer explicitly. This optimises the work processes and saves valuable working time.

Windows printer driver for jetStamp® graphic 970

What other benefits does the mobile Inkjet printer jetStamp® graphic 970 offer?

✓ Diverse possible uses:
The wide range of various inks permits printing on many materials. The mobile printer jetStamp® graphic 970 is suitable for marking paper, cardboard, wood and fabric. Special ink even permits prints on many metals and plastic types.

✓ Mobile solution:
Battery-powered operation makes it easy to take the portable and compact printer to the goods to be marked.

✓ Different imprints:
The prints can contain number, date, time, text as well as graphics and barcodes. Consecutive barcodes for numbering/dating can be printed as well. The imprint can be created easily and quickly on the computer and transmitted by USB or Bluetooth.