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Quick-drying ink for smooth surfaces

At the beginning of the year, Ernst REINER GmbH & Co. KG has expanded its product range by a new printing ink for the MP series of the jetStamp® 790 family. This ink permits intense colour and smear resistant imprints on smooth surfaces, such as glass. Already, many applications are found on the packaging of food and in the pharmaceutical industry.

jetStamp® 790 MP/791 MP/792 MP – the mobile electric stamps

With the MP-series of the jetStamp® 790 family, REINER presents an electronic hand stamp that is particularly characterised by its mobility and flexibility. In addition to the number, date and time, texts in one line or in two lines can be printed as well. Fast and silent printing on any level or irregular surface.

Printing ink MP4 for non-absorbent surfaces

The new printing ink MP4 now also permits printing on materials such as glass, metal, plastic or other smooth surfaces. This specifically developed ink dries fast and entices with an imprint in intense colour. If the stamp is not used for an extended period, a protection clip will prevent the printing cartridge from drying out.

Printing expiration date and serial number onto packaging

This ink is already used for application of the expiration date or serial number on coated packaging. This compact device plays its strengths in mobile marking of small and medium-sized batches. Application examples are, among others, packaging for foods, the pharmaceutical industry, or when marking spare parts.

Individually programmable memory slots

Other performance features of these electronic stamps include simple menu selection, as well as a user friendly LC display and simple creation of the imprints via the PCset EASY software. On request, the 790 MP/792 MP is also available with 10 freely programmable memory slots (MARKER 10).

REINER offers a variety of options with the MP-series from the jetStamp® family. The high reliability of the electric stamps makes them indispensable helpers when marking products directly.

Marking – simple, fast, mobile!

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