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Safe marking: Knowing where

Safe marking: Knowing where
Copying or forging of branded products and documents is a problem everywhere in the world. This includes the area of confidential and important documents or goods. Many effective mechanisms are available today for better tracking to facilitate safe marking. They range from simple to highly technical: From basis identification with well visible, partially coded marking, called overt technology, to safety inks that belong among the "covert" methods, i.e. the concealed methods.
UV ink for mobile inkjet printers

With its new safety ink MP5 UV, REINER® relies on concealed marking in its mobile marking units REINER 940 and handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® graphic 970 as a step towards better trackabiltiy of products. The mark can only be found with special light if one already knows precisely where it is. This not only makes it harder to find, but also difficult to imitate. It is clear: The harder it is to copy, the more elaborate and less profitable is forging and the more risky is theft.

A component for better trackabiltiy

Using REINER® UV ink in the handheld REINER inkjet printers provides a component that owners of copyrights or brand holders can use to uncover forgery more quickly. You are able to take forged information or goods out of circulation before the brand or product has taken damage. Only authorised persons should therefore know the details on the marking location and type. To make them permanently hard to find.

The target: Customer trust impaired

And, good to know: The end consumer will not even notice anything. The document or the goods remain flawless to him. He may trust that his supplier ensures good product safety thanks to innovative marking.