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Fast and easy marking of thermosets

Fast and easy marking of thermosets
ISOVOLTA - GATEX GmbH represents state of the art production methods and innovative products.

The handy REINER® 940 inkjet printer contributes to the production process by marking pressed or processed materials.

Very durable and smart materials

Thermosets will no longer deform after heating. The internationally leading manufacturer of electrical insulation materials, technical laminates and composites turns them into very durable, smart materials. Many years of experience make it possible to develop the optimal process for every single product in individual, serial and mass production alike.

The mobile REINER® 940 inkjet printer has diverse and customised uses

Any desired material can be reliably marked with the handy REINER® 940 marking device. The result is smear resistant. Special ISOVOLTA devices keep plate components and pipes alike from slipping. This makes sure that the imprint ends up in just the right location.

Four custom imprints are stored right on the device and can be called up at the push of a button. If any more imprints are needed, they can be generated and transferred to the device on demand easily via USB or Bluetooth to make them available to the employees as well.

The portable REINER® 940 marking device also uses quick-drying MP ink to make sure that the print image can longer smear once applied. Barcodes, sequential numbers, graphics and texts alike are unrolled onto the material as desired.

>> Learn more about the application of the mobile REINER® 940 marking device by downloading the application note of ISOVOLTA - GATEX GmbH here.

>> Learn more about the mobile REINER® 940 marking device