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Upper arm blood pressure monitor: Additional accessories for the jetStamp® 1025

Upper arm blood pressure monitor: Additional accessories for the jetStamp 1025
An independent blood pressure and pulse measuring station in medical facilities or for at home– with the Beurer BM 54, the mobile labeling device jetStamp® 1025 becomes a health documentation center.
The REINER jetStamp® 1025 continues to become a health companion. After thermometers, the Beurer BM 54 is now available as an upper arm blood pressure monitor. The measuring device comes from the house Beurer, specialist für health and well-being from Ulm. By means of Bluetooth the determined values are transmitted to the senseAPP üb and printed with the mobile REINER® printer. This means that the values are immediately physically ready to hand – ideal for quality documentation.

Beurer BM 54 Bluetooth

The Blood pressure monitor BM 54 determines blood pressure and pulse conveniently and fully automatically on the upper arm. To do this, the universal cuff for arm circumferences of 22 to 44 centimeters is put on and then the measurement starts at the touch of a button. The results are shown on the clear display within a few seconds. If there are results that indicate an impairment of health, the device shows this to the user on the display.

Together for a healthy life: blood pressure measurement and documentation with the Beurer BM 54, the PURE senseAPP and the mobile inkjet printer jetStamp® 1025.

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