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Software UPDATE of the print image software PCset for jetStamp® 990

Neues Update für jetStamp 990
REINER® provides software updates at regular intervals to improve the function of the marking devices or the print image design.

With the new PCset version 2.3, additional print design options are now available. The most recently introduced new functionalities of the jetStamp® 990 are additionally supported via this PCset.

Always stay up to date!
A version query is integrated in this PCset version, which shows you directly via a pop-up window or a note in the "Info" menu item whether an update is available for your PCset or your marking device.

More design freedom for the next imprint of date and time!
The dialog for setting date and time fields has been improved, the selection has been extended, and designing your own display formats has been made easier. Also new variables have been included: the calendar week (cc) or the number of the weekday (w) can be preset as variables in the printout. The request to display date prints in Julian format (ddd) has also been implemented for you with this software update.

The numeroteur function gets additional possibilities!
The setting options for the step width and the respective repetitions in the numeroteur fields have been significantly expanded.
Repetitions in the high five-digit range are now no longer a problem for the jetStamp® 990.

Please note that the new software options can only be used by devices with the latest firmware!

Download the latest software version V2.30 of the print image design software PCset here and use additional setting options on your jetStamp® 990.

Download here:
Software PCset 2.30