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Secure handling of vaccination data - Digitalized vaccination process from REINER®

Secure handling of vaccination data - Digitalized vaccination process from REINER
Sophisticated, technical equipment for vaccination centers - REINER® offers all components - "Made in Germany".

The first vaccination centers against Covid-19 are about to be set up. The vaccinations will be carried out by trained medical personnel.
However, the administrative handling becomes a major task for the employees on site and the technology they use. Already in the test centers, there were breakdowns, for example when data was recorded by hand and was then illegible or incorrect. For this reason, the REINER® Group of Companies has developed the Digital Immunization Process, which provides stable and easy-to-use technical equipment that can be used around the clock, even by changing personnel.

Proven components - from a single source - developed and manufactured in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

The digital vaccination process is based on components that have been proven in use for years and are easy to operate. Fast and secure data capture is achieved with the REINER® SCT cyber Jack® wave smart card reader. The REINER® VacCenAPP, which is precisely matched to the devices and can be operated intuitively, processes the master data from the eGK/KVK and is also the printing software for the inoculated person's routing slip. The data is then processed error-free as a direct printout on documents or in the vaccination record with the REINER jetStamp® 1025 inkjet printer. For the second vaccination and all other subsequent medical procedures, the data is available in a structured and immediate manner.

With the Digital Vaccination Process from REINER®, vaccination centers work in an administratively reliable manner. Safe for the vaccinated, safe for the staff!

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