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Safe stamping of international identity documents

Safe stamping of international identity documents
Asian users, known as digitisation pioneers, are optimising data handling for new arrivals with the REINER jetStamp® graphic 970.

An entry stamp with all data required on the person entering the country, to be read out by other authorities or approved facilities, can eliminate time-consuming and error-prone queries.
This increases general and personal safety and simplifies processes.

The usual handling yields reliable and counterfeit-proof results

Handling at the checkpoint remains unchanged. Staff will not require any
additional training.

The travel document presented – usually an identity card or passport – is scanned. The Border officer verifies the displayed data, which are then processed in the customer’s dedicated system to create a data matrix code that embeds the traveller’s data in digitised form.

The border officer subsequently prints the stamp including the data matrix code into the travel document using the jetStamp® graphic 970 mobile inkjet printer to allow the traveller to enter the country.

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