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Logistics 4.0 – Be successful with REINER® marking devices

Logistics 4.0 – Be successful with REINER marking devices
Digitised logistics processes require smooth interaction between all parties involved, in inbound goods as well as when marking packaging or in the goods management system.

Medium sized enterprises should, therefore, use marking devices that meet the requirements flexibly, quickly and, ideally, also cost efficiently. That is just what REINER® supplies.
A smooth logistics system is elementary for business success in medium sized enterprises. Delayed processes, late deliveries and interrupted supply chains may have negative and usually expensive consequences. Digitalisation and the development of logistics 4.0 offers companies new options to ensure their processes are secure. REINER® marking devices from Furtwangen in the Black Forest make a decisive contribution to this vital modern infrastructure. They permit secure and flexible marking, are cost efficient and, thanks to their sophisticated software, can be integrated into commercial goods management systems.

Mobile marking that matches the desired purpose and location

Computer supported logistics would be impossible without functional digital marking. REINER® marking devices are consistently aligned with these requirements. Software for individual graphical and text imprints, code generators, network and USB interfaces seamlessly integrate the handy mobile printers into digital goods management and documentation.

The marking process itself can also be optimised. REINER® handheld inkjets stand out with their robustness and reliability. They have been consistently developed with mobile use in mind. The quick drying REINER® ink MP3 creates precise print images and ensures optimal adhesion on many different materials. Economic ink consumption and the long battery life permit comfortable, uninterrupted work.

REINER® marking solutions pave the way to perfect processes for smooth logistics 4.0.

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