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Direct printing with Microsoft™ Word - REINER® marking devices offer maximum user-friendliness.

Direct printing with Microsoft™ Word - REINER marking devices offer maximum user-friendliness.
Microsoft™ Word is used in many medium-sized companies because the software offers numerous functions for product marking in addition to text editing.

With mobile marking devices from REINER®, data transfer is quite simple. These can be controlled via Windows-based Word files and process them.
In many companies, the Microsoft™ Word software is used. Primarily for the creation of text documents of all kinds, but thanks to a wide range of functions, Word can also be used for marking products. Text modules, graphics, barcodes and data matrix codes are possible. In order to subsequently apply the data to the product, intermediate software is often required to prepare the data for printing. The experts at REINER®, the marking specialists from Furtwangen in the Black Forest, have removed this hurdle. Most of the mobile REINER® marking devices are able to process data directly from Word and then print it. A great relief for optimal processes in production and logistics.

REINER® makes it possible

Certain interfaces are necessary so that Word files can be read and processed by printers. With the appropriate programming, the printers know how to interpret the contents and are ultimately able to reproduce these purely digital values in an analog manner using ink. REINER® has programmed these interfaces true to its motto of "maximum user-friendliness". This means that codes, texts, numbers (fixed or consecutive), date and time can be printed directly from Word in the highest print quality.

In addition to the software interfaces - printing directly from Microsoft™ Excel is also possible - REINER® marking devices offer the best prerequisites for marking products of all kinds: printing on glass, wood, paper, cardboard and foils as well as working on flat and uneven surfaces can be implemented. The special inks of the printers dry particularly quickly, are waterproof and do not dry up in the printer even after a long break.

Take REINER® by the wor(d)t - with the mobile inkjet printers products can be marked directly from Microsoft™ Word.

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