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Marking of the finest for the finest

Marking of the finest for the finest
Nuances make all the difference. The coffee manufacturer Maya Kaffee from Hamburg, which has been successfully selling premium coffee refined by hand since 1991, also knows this.

And with these fine nuances, the coffee manufacturer needs reliable technology at its side. It therefore relies on the mobile jetStamp® 790 MP inkjet printer (successor jetStamp® 990) from REINER® to label its hand-packed organic coffee.
Craft meets manual work

Especially in manufactories manual work is an indispensable quality indicator. It stands for reliability, product safety and, last but not least, for the fact that a top-quality product delivers what it promises. For the finely selected assortment of the coffee roaster Maya Kaffee a marking solution had to be found that meets these requirements.
This is because affixing the SLEDs and the filling date is not merely a matter of customer service, but is prescribed by law in the interest of traceability. With the portable SLED printer jetStamp® 790 MP (successor jetStamp® 990), a mobile marking specialist was integrated into the production run, which additionally optimises the process through its easy operability.

Two data for the subtle difference

The two must-haves, SLED and filling date, are applied to the packaging immediately after the filling process. And that with just one additional hand movement, because the information has already been stored on the handy jetStamp® 790 MP (successor jetStamp® 990) printer in advance. This allows the product to be placed directly in the delivery without unnecessary intermediate storage.
Let us convince you of the many advantages of our mobile marking specialist REINER jetStamp® 790 MP (successor jetStamp® 990) and find out which advantages the Hamburg coffee manufacturer Maya Kaffee still enjoys due to the easy marking.

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