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REINER® new contact for selling voucher printers

REINER new contact for selling voucher printers
In early 2017, Ernst REINER® GmbH & Co.KG became the new contact for selling REINER® voucher printers. This adds the OCR printing section to the previous area. REINER® is able to support its customers even more directly and comprehensively with this combination. It is also a declared target to further optimise the implementation of customer projects by the interaction of the departments.
After intense preparation, the responsibilities were transferred smoothly from REINER® SCT to Ernst REINER® and the transfer remained nearly unnoticed by the customers. The established item designations, order numbers and procedures were mostly retained as well.
You can reach the customer service representatives for OCR-printing who are already known to you from maintenance and service deployments under the following central addresses:

For customer information and sales:
Phone: 07723/657-385 Email:

For technical service:
Phone: 07723/657-277 Email: