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Where does the proverbial REINER® quality come from?

Where does the proverbial REINER quality come from?
Have a look behind the scenes of the production of the manufacturer of stamps and marking devices in the Black Forest in this brief film.

The promise of best quality.

REINER® products are rightfully deemed extremely reliable, long-lived and of high quality. In addition to its always state-of-the-art production, REINER® places the greatest value on high-quality materials and precise processing. As a result, you will be holding a high-quality product in your hands. This is a quality that you can feel and see.

Among others, the clip also shows an endurance test run with our stamp numberer B6. It is the only stamp among all its competitors that remains without any mistakes even after 550,000 stamping processes, sending a clear message: Customer satisfaction is of the utmost priority for REINER®.

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