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Goodbye labels. Print cardboard and paperboard directly now!

Goodbye labels. Print cardboard and paperboard directly now!
In a modern manufacturing plant, the printing of products and packaging is indispensable for tracking and marking.

But how do I simply print the desired information like serial numbers, batch info, barcode and date or time etc.?
Previously, labels had to be designed, printed and then affixed in a single step. Disadvantage: Labels stick badly on rough cardboard and paperboard and can become illegible or fall off.

REINER® has analysed these work processes and developed the appropriate and clever solution:
jetStamp® graphic 970, jetStamp® 790 & 792 (successor jetStamp® 990), REINER® 940 and speed-i-Jet 798 are the handheld inkjet printer for safe and easy direct printing on cardboard.

Your shipping and warehouse staff will thank you for it. And not just them.

Through the use of REINER® portable inkjet printers, the processes are massively optimized. The fast-drying inks specially developed by REINER® are helpful here.
And there we are already at one of the next possible applications: Visitor badges. Simply place the REINER inkjet printer on the blank card and print the name, date, serial number etc. on the card made of any material. There you go.

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