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REINER® face mask printers

Individual marking with the mobile printers for face masks by REINER®!

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● You want to print and individually label protective masks?
● Do you want to be spontaneous and flexible in your marking?
● You want to ensure more hygiene and safety?

Uncomplicated: Why are our mobile inkjets perfect for marking face masks?

Label respiratory protection masks quickly and easily with our mobile marking solutions. For example, print information about the owner, date of issue and origin on your masks. Even company logos or individual designs can be applied without any problems. Print motifs can be changed spontaneously and adapted to the respective requirements. With REINER® hand printers "Made in Germany" you are completely flexible.

By using our mobile printers to mark your face masks, you can save time and ensure more hygiene and safety in everyday life:
● Avoid confusion.
● Make each mask clearly identifiable.
● Clearly mark face masks that are intended for specific persons or situations.
Whether it's a makeshift mask, fabric mask or other respiratory protection half-masks: our inkjet printers print reliably and sharply on all materials.

The quick-drying and smudge-proof ink of our handheld inkjet printers guarantees precise results and a high-quality look. The printers are intuitive and can be operated without prior knowledge. In combination with their robust design and long battery life, they are the ideal solution for all industries and applications. Our high-quality printers provide effective support for your individual projects.

Manufacturer: fabric masks printed with logo as advertising medium

printing on oronasal mask
Many small businesses and textile manufacturers have started to produce fabric masks as oronasal masks. These are washable and reusable. This makes them a very sustainable solution to the current hygiene problem.

These professionally manufactured fabric masks are also a source of revenue. This makes it all the more important that particularly good or original masks can be immediately attributed to the manufacturer. Because every fabric mask is a prominent advertising medium!

Our mobile and robust face mask printing machines are perfectly suited for spontaneous and regular marking needs. Print directly within the production line of the masks. The operation is very easy, therefore our inkjet hand printers can be used immediately even by untrained personnel after a short instruction.
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REINER® product solutions

The right device for almost every requirement.
We offer different inject printers depending on your needs and area of application.

Select the right marking device for you from our product variety:
To the handheld inkjet printer

Versatile: In which areas is the labelling of fabric masks particularly important?

Face masks are an increasingly common sight due to the current situation. Private individuals, companies and public institutions are increasingly focusing on better hygiene through the use of mouth-nose protection. But also in the long term, the trend towards more face masks could prevail.

Masks that are clearly marked mean additional protection for their wearers and reliably prevent mistakes and misunderstandings. There are many possible applications for individually printed masks. Whatever ideas you have, our inkjets will not let you down. Especially in the following areas you will benefit from spontaneous and secure marking with our hand printers.

Hospitals Printing of face masks

Breathing mask OP indiviuell
Protective gloves, disinfectant, protective mask: Hospitals have particularly strict hygiene regulations. And with good reason. Many patients have a weakened immune system, whether due to illness or advanced age. In order not to expose patients to unnecessary risk, the nursing staff always pays meticulous attention to the observance of necessary protective measures.

If face masks are issued by hospitals, it must be clearly evident where the masks come from. However, individually designed or labeled masks are usually subject to a surcharge. In addition, it can be difficult to correctly pre-determine the required quantity of a particular type of mask.

Our handheld inkjet printers can help here. Print your protective masks spontaneously and according to your individual needs. In addition to information such as the name of the hospital and the date of issue, you can also print a logo, for example. Such a face mask with motif can be clearly assigned at first glance.

Our mobile and robust printers are ideal for the often hectic hospital routine. Print when and where you decide. The operation is very easy, therefore our hand printers can be used flexibly by the entire staff.

Company: Mouth and nose masks printing

Marking of cardboard, paper and fabrics
In many companies, short-time work or home offices are currently the norm. However, this cannot be implemented everywhere. Many people continue to do their work unchanged. Often a minimum distance cannot be reliably maintained. In many companies, respiratory protection masks are therefore becoming increasingly common in order to maintain a minimum standard of hygiene.

It is also very important in companies to be able to clearly identify the masks used. In order to attach information such as owner and date of issue to the mask, "DIY" solutions such as post-its and patches are not reliable enough. To ensure that your company benefits optimally from the protection provided by face masks, you should rely on our mobile and secure marking solutions for marking.

However, the application possibilities of our mobile inkjets go far beyond simple marking. For example, make a good impression on customers with a face mask with a motif, such as their company logo. You are completely free to choose the images and texts to be printed on the mask design. For example, funny motifs or encouraging sayings can help to loosen up the unfamiliar situation and thus positively influence the working atmosphere.

Since our mobile printing mask machines do not require any specialist knowledge for operation, they are uncomplicated and time-saving. Change the place of use or the motif of the face mask spontaneously as required. Our hand-held printers are designed for flexible use in practically all working environments. They are a great help in everyday life for the factory floor and office alike.

Department stores: face mask print with name

Shopping has currently become a challenge. The maximum limits for people allowed in shops and the minimum distance to be maintained at all times are both annoying and unsettling for many people. As the owner, you are naturally anxious to offer your customers a pleasant and above all safe environment. Compliance with strict hygiene regulations is the be-all and end-all.

With our mobile hand printers, we offer you the possibility of making the respiratory protection masks used even safer by means of individual marking. For example, print the names of your employees on the respective masks to avoid confusion. Important information on the date of issue and the period of use can also be easily applied directly to the mouth-nose protection using our inkjets.

In addition, strengthen the sense of cohesion of the workforce and optimise your public image with a mouthguard with motif. For example, print your company logo and slogan on the masks in a highly visible way. Especially in these times, a funny saying or a loosening motif can also have a positive effect on your customers.

With our high-quality face mask printers you are very flexible in terms of mask design and application. Use the inkjet printers where they are needed at the moment. Due to intuitive operation and long battery life, our inkjet printers convince even and especially in the stressful everyday business life.

Communities: Marking mouth-nose protection

Both large and small communities are confronted with the question of how best to deal with the current situation. While opinions differ on some points, there is agreement on one thing: Sufficient hygiene measures are essential to find the way back to normality. Especially face masks, face masks and homemade fabric masks are of great importance.

The distribution of protective masks by local authorities can help to ensure that the population is provided with sufficient protective equipment. In order to ensure the proper use of masks, municipalities should pay attention to adequate labelling. We offer the ideal way to print protective masks quickly and easily with our high-quality and reliable hand printers.

Ensure clarity and overview when printing masks. Provide the masks with information on the point of issue, the date of issue and the maximum period of use. This effectively prevents uncertainties and misunderstandings. Our mobile inkjet printers also allow you to implement individual mask designs. Use this function, for example, to affix the logo of your city to masks.
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Mouth protection with motif: Why are individually labelled breathing masks useful?

Protective masks with motif
Protective masks protect you and your environment
Wearing masks in public feels strange and unfamiliar in this country. Nevertheless, more and more people are putting on breathing protection when they leave the house. After all, they are a simple and effective way to protect themselves and others from droplet infections in public areas. In addition, they are a constant reminder to keep your distance and be careful in your daily interaction with others. It is conceivable that protective masks will remain a frequent sight on the streets even after the current crisis.

Individual markings promote safety and hygiene
The different types of protective masks have different effectiveness and vary in their recommended period of use. The individual marking of the masks helps to ensure greater safety and hygiene in everyday life. As this often requires a high degree of flexibility, our mobile hand printers are ideally suited for this task.

Safe: How do our hand printers prevent fraud with protective masks?

Mouthguard label
The current uncertainty of people with regard to the prevention of infections also brings fraudsters to the scene. They offer people faulty or non-functional masks, which are not recognisable as such to the layperson. Not only do they enrich themselves unlawfully, they also pose a threat to the health of their victims.

Use our flexible hand printers for face mask printing to clearly identify masks from reputable suppliers. Our inkjet models allow tireless and precise printing on almost all materials. Even on typical fabric masks, they ensure razor-sharp texts and images. Original masks can thus be reliably identified and people can be protected from fraudsters.

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