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Ink cartridge

for a smudge-proof impression on paper, cardboard, wood, stone/brick, metal, plastic

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No smudging, no peeling - REINER® inks ensure perfect results on non-absorbent surfaces, for example glass, plastic or metal.

The printed images are printed in optimum quality and adhere permanently - even under adverse external influences.

Advantages at a glance:

  • perfect adhesion
  • smudge-proof impression
  • contrasting color

Technical Data

Adheres to:Paper, cardboard, wood, stone/brick, metal, plastic
Order-No.:791 060-020





Which ink is best for my application?
  • The Accessories section contains all inks that match your device.
  • The respective description contains the respective print and adhesive properties.
What is the quick-drying ink made of?
The quick-drying inks are alcohol-based inks. Therefore, they dry faster than regular water-based inks. You can find the safety datasheets under the following links:
REINER BBD PC 791066 030 A P1 MP4 BK Ansicht00
Inkjet cartridge P1-MP4-BK: Precautionary statements
PDF · 273,23 KB
REINER BBD PC 791060 040 C P1 MP6 YE Web00
Inkjet cartridge P1-MP6-YE: Precautionary statements
PDF · 374,91 KB
What materials does the quick-drying ink adhere to?
The quick-drying ink adheres to metal, plastic, glass and most other materials.
It depends on the characteristics of the surface to be printed on. It is important that the surface to be printed on is free of grease and oil. If necessary, the surface must be cleaned before printing. 
REINER® recommends carrying out extensive tests before serial use.