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Recognition Rate in Safety Features of Securities Increased

Recognition Rate in Safety Features of Securities Increased
Ernst REINER® GmbH & Co. KG is setting new standards in the banking industry with its next generation of SB scanners. Specifically securities and other sensitive documents often have security features. A new hard- and software version in the UV scanners increases the contrast in the corresponding UV images, guaranteeing much higher and more reliable recognition rates of the UV safety features.
REINER® is setting new standards in the industry of SB scanners with its new generation of UV scanners. Many documents, vouchers or valuable documents such as cheques are equipped with security features today. This includes, among others, magnetic writing, watermarks or other hidden markings.

New UV cameras with more homogeneous and stronger UV filters, in connection with the corresponding software settings, securely and reliably scan and display the UV features. Newly developed software essentially contributes to improving image processing and guarantees high image quality of the coded documents. The RS891 and RS893 SB scanners already offer a wide range of image formats. Depending on process requirement, they can be individually pre-set according to customer wishes, called again and processed further. Furthermore, the scanners come with special cameras that provide colour, grey-scale, or black-and-white images as desired. Depending on the configuration, the front of the document can be recorded with a colour camera with additional UV light and IR light. The UV light will bring out the hidden features of documents that have been treated with special printing ink containing fluorescent pigments in production. The corresponding UV filters of the camera and special software settings will additionally optimise the quality of the UV image.

This new generation of REINER® UV scanners is available now. They come as single feed or bundle feed version offering high reliability and outstanding recognition properties for efficient and economical payment processing.