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Not fiction, but facts! – Laser cutting at REINER®

Not fiction, but facts! – Laser cutting at REINER
Since the development of semiconductor lasers in the 1960s, the idea of the power of light has been inspiring the inventive spirit of mankind.

REINER® has also firmly integrated laser cutting into its product portfolio.

Our quality doesn't tell fairy tales.

Even art and culture are not immune to this essentially scientific topic, and even those who are not a fan of the genre have heard of the lightsabers from the space saga Star Wars. But what we offer you with our laser cutting has little to do with fairy tales.

Extremely precise cutting and high processing speeds have made laser cutting one of the most important processes in the metalworking industry. Due to low set-up costs, it can also be used profitably for small batches. In addition, computer-aided programming makes it very flexible when it comes to shapes and cutting edges.

Laser cutting also for your production.

REINER® uses laser cutting successfully in the area of contract manufacturing. We know that the robustness of a component is the guarantee of the longevity and quality of the end product. A claim in which laser cutting can make use of its entire range of advantages.

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