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Is MIM Metal Injection Moulding Lean Production?

Is MIM Metal Injection Moulding Lean Production?
Yes, since MIM produces complex precision parts without machining.

The MIM technology "metal injection moulding" offers entirely new freedoms in dimensions, geometry and materials.
The original concept comes from plastic injection technology. MIM offers virtually the same unlimited options. The only difference: the result is a metal precision part.

A single process instead of many processing steps

And it's highly precise, too:
No matter if the work involves backcuts, bores, cross-bores, threads, lamellas or even relief-like structures and engravings: MIM technology produces in best precision in a single production process.

What about the piece numbers?
The lot sizes vary by part geometries from 5000 to 20000 units. Dimensions of 400 x 700 mm, tool clamping area. Materials that can be used include low-alloyed steels (e.g. 100Cr6), or stainless and heat-resistant steels (e.g. 316LA).
Other materials are available as well.

MIM is the economic option. One production process. Many benefits.

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