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Everything from a single source – the component assembly from the professionals of REINER®

Everything from a single source – the component assembly from the professionals of REINER
To keep the balance of producing quickly, cost-effectively and with high quality requires a certain sensitivity.

The manufacturing professionals of REINER® have this sensitivity and they work constantly on optimising the assembly production of precision parts and adapting it precisely to customer requirements.

An entire century of concentrated know-how for your benefit.

The developers at REINER® face new challenges every day and bring more than a 100 years of know-how with them in the production of highly complex, difficult components as well as the assembly of components. We are not only your professional for one process, but also in another processes like: Zinc die casting, metal injection moulding (MIM), fine blanking and plastic injection moulding. Our range of services extends from the design, through the production of the fine blanking and forming tools, to the complete production of the finished components.

As a direct contact partner, we feel responsible for individual production steps as well as for all questions relating to component production, which takes place completely “in-house” at REINER®, depending on the customer's requirements. This reduces costs and efforts in the area of logistics and increases the quality of the end products.

One for all, all for one.

Speaking of “in-house”: Short connection routes and flexible reaction times ensure smooth processing. Our specialists are able to react quickly to short-term corrections. The precision engineering portfolio includes the manufacture of zinc die-cast parts, especially for small but resistant components, the MIM process for complex geometric precision parts and plastic (2K) and sheet metal parts.
Furthermore we support every step of the production chain. The assembly of individual components, the pre-assembly of components, partially or completely assembled components – you get all this from one source. This saves time, ensures short delivery routes and precise processing.

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