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Scanning, filing, done: REINER® multi cassette system RA 1010

Scanning, filing, done: REINER multi cassette system RA 1010
The new multi cassette system RA 1010 by REINER®, market leader of reliable integrated scanning modules in very durable quality, reduces manual work steps to a minimum and allows scanning and storing of documents in just a few steps.
Document scanning, i.e. digital processing and archiving of printed documents, must be performed safely, efficiently and in a process oriented manner. Scanning systems for batch operation by REINER® have proven their worth. They permit a consistent throughput rate even at high document loads. Processing of changing documents or complex document processes used to be a challenge. After all, some of the documents had to be manually sorted after scanning. REINER® now offers a remedy for this issue by presenting an innovation in the multi cassette system RA 1010. In connection with the RS 891 and RS 893 REINER® scanners, the modular filing unit sorts the documents fully automatically in assigned cassettes securely, efficiently and in a process oriented manner.

A smart setup and simple handling

The RA 1010 can be combined with scanners with a single- or multiple infeed, permitting document collection and storage in up to nine separate, lockable cassettes. The number of cassettes is based on the scanner model in use and the work process at hand. Each cassette holds up to 300 documents, allowing storage of up to 2,700 individual documents in total if using the full equipment.

The multi cassette system RA 1010 recognises the position and number of the cassettes used automatically. The scanner takes care of document control and assignment.

The RA 1010 efficiently implements mass scanning, which noticeably contributes to cost reduction and increases productivity, true to REINER®'s motto: "Our mission is delivering robust and long lived products, combined with excellent support and service to ensure success for our integrators and their customers."

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