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Home advantage with the youngsters

Home advantage with the youngsters
When the good is so close, why wander into the distance?

Year after year, the Otto Hahn Gymnasium's education fair at our Furtwangen site proves that recruiting young talent also works directly on site. Our apprentices and their trainers participated again this year with great enthusiasm.

Glad you could make it.

Our popcorn machine, which had already enjoyed particular popularity in previous years, was a must among the many exhibits we brought with us. However, REINER® popcorn is not only about the delicious content. Students were also able to get an idea of the everyday suitability of the marking technology. With the help of the REINER® marking specialist jetStamp® 1025, the paper bags were provided with a lettering.

Show me what you're made of!

What was new was the model work by which the future graduates proved that they had manual dexterity. This year the young people were able to assemble their own pen holder, consisting of two hand stamp housings. This is a useful prerequisite for most of the apprenticeships offered by Ernst REINER® in Furtwangen. The large crowd and the curious questions to apprentices and trainers confirm the stand-concept we had conceived.