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Mobile marking solutions for demanding surfaces.

Mobile marking solutions for demanding surfaces.
Whether required by law or desired by the producer – foils and plastic packagings often have to be labelled with a multitude of information.

REINER® marking devices quickly provide you with a suitable solution for your marking requirements – on whatever surface.

Particular products demand remarkable markings.

The most common way to label packagings is to add labels to the foil. However, this entails many disadvantages. On the one hand, the design and printing of the extra labels are time-consuming if consecutive serial numbers or the best before date are to be applied. On the other hand, labels can become detached and lost due to external influences such as changes in temperature.

We at REINER® have the right solution for this issue. Our marking specialists jetStamp® 790/792 MP (successor jetStamp® 990), handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® graphic 970 and handheld printer REINER® 940 allow you to print directly on the packaging.

Easy handling, fast marking.

Our handheld printer can handle a wide range of surfaces – from uneven blister and transparent packagings to smooth cooling and thermal foil to concave bottles and porous bags. The mobile devices are easy to transport and can be used at any point in the production chain. Both the user-friendly handling and the simple data transmission between the PC and the device are beneficial to the user.
The hand marking device jetStamp® graphic 970 may even be used for invisible labelling: Thanks to a specially developed UV ink, the writing on the plastic packagings only becomes visible under ultraviolet light. This method is often used when it comes to traceability within a production line, protection against counterfeiting, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, or if the imprint would interfere with the product design.

Are you looking for an individual solution for your markings? Please do not hesitate to contact us. The REINER® marking experts will be pleased to help you.

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