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Training as "REINER®'s success"

Training as
REINER® participated in the "Zukunft jetzt" training fair at the Otto-Hahn Gymnasium with a great positive response
REINER® is committed to dual training. The respective trainees presented the three attractive and future-proof professions of mechanic, electronics technician and industrial clerk on 5 May. There was great demand and interest in the professions and the presented trainee works.

Top education has a long tradition at REINER®

Of course, our trainers were present at the stand as well in order to help answer the many questions. The oversized "LED Tetris" developed and built by REINER®'s trainee electronics technicians and mechanics drew a particularly large crowd. Solving the quiz on the profession and on REINER® as a company provided some initial information in the commercial area.

The popcorn machine, where the popcorn bags could be labelled with REINER® marking devices, turned out to be another special eye-catcher. Everyone was able to see that the REINER® team always spreads a good mood.

That's where I want to go!

If outstanding specialist knowledge, great professional perspectives, optimal support and diverse activities are what you are looking for, we look forward to receiving your written application for a training position starting in September 2018. Send it to:

Ernst REINER® GmbH & Co. KG
Herrn Lothar Riesle
Baumannstr. 16
78120 Furtwangen