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Connecting to Excel permits fast, reliable and cost efficient marking without labels

Connecting to Excel permits fast, reliable and cost efficient marking without labels
Mobile inkjet printers by REINER® are network capable. Among other things, they can be connected to the commonly used software Microsoft Excel to simplify marking of products, materials, and parts, permanently reducing costs and errors as a result.
Even today, products, materials and parts are often still marked with labels, hand stamps, or simply using markers. All of these methods are prone to mistakes, e.g. due to illegible marking. This delays logistics and causes additional costs. Mobile inkjet printers from marking specialist REINER® come with a great variety of special features and are the best choice to optimise these processes. The marking devices render labels unnecessary, can be used right at the workplace, and, most of all, connect to a network. The latter permits processing of data created by Windows based programs, such as Microsoft Excel.

Simply apply the barcode, data matrix code, or parts number by printing directly from Excel

The network capable mobile REINER® inkjet printers are able to receive data from Excel directly. Customised, expanded programming also permits using data from Excel macros, integrated Excel data forms, or Excel add ins. Sequential lot or batch numbers can be combined with other associated process data in a 1D or 2D barcode to easily provide a plethora of information from the processes via an Excel barcode generator or data matrix code generator. The QR codes are transferred to the respective REINER® marking device fully automatically.

Then, the employees at inbound goods, in the warehouse, or in production, can apply the required markings right at the workplace. The stationary printer or label printer is rendered as obsolete as the consumable "paper labels". The quick drying REINER® MP ink optimally adheres to many different materials. Paper and foil labels of the past may have come loose due to moisture, oil contamination or abrasion, but these new markings will stay securely in place.

The mobile REINER® inkjet printers offer modern documentation and marking "Made in Germany"!

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