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REINER® presented the new RS 980 scanner at the CIAB congress in Brazil

REINER presented the new RS 980 scanner at the CIAB congress in Brazil
The CIAB trade fair in Sao Paulo has become the yardstick and guidepost in terms of information technology for the "financial industry".

The combination of 130 premium companies as exhibitors with international congress participants is unique in this form.
REINER®'s stand was closely surrounded on all sides when Gerolf Heldmaier, head of sales and marketing at REINER®, presented the new RS 980 document scanner to the specialist world of the finance industry.

It wasn't really surprising, since the new scan system by REINER® supplies precisely what the financial industry urgently needs: A safe multiformat scanner for the self-service area that customers can operate easily.

This is what the world of finance has waited for
REINER®'s modular self-service scanner offers a secure scan system that automatically records and archives documents of all kinds independently of the opening hours. These may be application forms, applications, contracts, invoices, etc.

The RS 980 multiformat scanner is virtually a central digitalisation station for the self-service area. It reviews and verifies the documents supplied to it for plausibility during the scan already. "We were very happy about the great interest in our self-service scanner. Many discussions took place at the REINER® stand," sales manager Gerolf Heldmaier says, visibly happy.

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