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Print stamps yourself with the REINER® marking systems

Print stamps online with the all-in-one hand printers from REINER®!

Even in the age of the Internet and e-mail, classic mail still plays an important role, at least in the business sector. The correct labeling and franking of letters as well as the management of complex mail often takes a lot of time in companies.

For a long time it was necessary to have the right stamps in stock and to send them individually to be hand attached to the post. The introduction of digital franking machines brought about an improvement. Post stamps that were downloaded online (so-called Internet stamps) can be printed out independently and on site. However, users are still faced with the challenge that the Internet stamps have to be glued on by hand.

Print the Internet stamp of Deutsche Post and Swiss Post directly

This is now easier and more efficient: In cooperation with Deutsche Post AG and Swiss Post AG we have developed a way to optimize the dispatch of letters and goods in the long term.

With the intelligent franking solutions from REINER®, Internet stamps can be printed directly onto letters and print packages. Save yourself the time and hassle of printing online stamps. Instead, simply apply the online postage as a smudge-proof and waterproof imprint on your items together with any other information. Say goodbye to printing postal labels or buying a franking machine and take another step towards a digital and efficient office.

Printing online stamps – how does it work without labels?

Stamps for printing, it seems, have become indispensable in modern postal management. Deutsche Post’s online franking service has made sending letters easier and more flexible than before. In small and medium-sized companies in particular, sending offers, invoices and notifications to business partners still causes a lot of work. Owners and employees would prefer to invest the time spent on this in their core business.

With the mobile REINER® Inkjet Printer jetStamp® 1025 the effort for postal management can be reduced to a minimum. Print both the matching Internet brand of Deutsche Post and Swiss Post and the address of the recipient on your letters. Printing postage online has never been easier. Simply place the device on the letter and select the desired print motif. Our handheld printers have enough internal memory to store a large amount of addresses. From these, you can quickly and easily select the right one to attach it to the right place.

Print stamps online quickly and easily

Deutsche Post AG and Schweizerische Post AG offer the mobile REINER® hand printer in their official software jetStamp® 1025 directly as a print medium. Once ordered, Swiss Post's Internet stamps can be printed out with a flick of the wrist. Cumbersome system adjustments when introducing our printers are not necessary. The handling of the model jetStamp® 1025 is simple and intuitive. They can be used by all employees without any previous knowledge and without a long training period. It's that easy to print the right postage and to optimize the shipping process of your mail in the long term.

The special ink used dries immediately on contact with air. Freshly printed letters can be stacked directly on top of each other without drying time and without the imprints smearing.
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REINER® product solutions

The right device for almost every requirement.
We offer different inject printers depending on your needs and area of application.

Select the right marking device for you from our product variety:
To the handheld inkjet printer

Can the postage for consignments of goods also be printed online?

Manufacturing companies usually send not only letters, but also their products. Frequently, not only does the postage have to be printed out, but additional information such as the best-before date has to be attached. The different types of labeling usually take place in different departments. Different employees have to deal with the correct labeling of parcels in several work steps.

The REINER® Handheld Inkjet jetStamp® 1025. With our all-in-one product tagging solution, you can print both postage and shipping address, Best before date, Batch number, Apply company logo and any other information. And all this with just one device. Simply transfer the required data from the PC to the hand printer and then mark your consignments flexibly.

A major advantage over stamp labels is the high retention rate. of the REINER® special ink. Harsh shipping and storage conditions can damage labels and render them illegible. Direct stamp printing on consignments, on the other hand, remains perfectly legible under all circumstances.

How do the REINER® stamp printers speed up the entire shipping process?

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Anyone who uses stamps for online franking with the REINER® hand printer jetStamp® 1025, benefits from shorter throughput times when labeling and labeling his shipments. The high flexibility of our mobile printers is an advantage for small businesses, among other things. Specialized food manufacturers in particular often have to label each product individually by hand, for example with the expiry date or information on the alcohol content. With our hand printer, you can apply this to your products together with the appropriate online brand and delivery address. The whole thing is done with one hand.

Can the REINER® hand printers also be used to label incoming letters?

As an all-round solution for mail management, our mobile Printer jetStamp® 1025 not only suitable for printing Deutsche Post stamps. In addition to the option of printing letter postage, incoming mail can also be marked in an uncomplicated manner. Add the current date to letters, for example, or apply machine-readable barcodes and data matrix codes. Start with your inbox and use the REINER® handheld inkjet printers finally make your entire document management smarter and more efficiently.

Packages received can also be marked quickly and reliably with the hand printers. If you want to add information that you don't want end customers to see, we recommend using our special PURE UV ink. Labels attached in this way are invisible until they are illuminated with UV light by an employee. Alternatively, these markings can also be read by automated scanners.

Why is direct printing more advantageous than printing internet stamps with a label printer?

Many of our customers have already recognized the advantages of direct printing over labels. When attaching internet stamps or online franking, there are also clear advantages in attaching the required information directly to letters.

More and more processes are now being carried out digitally, and for good reason. You work more efficiently digitally and coordinated collaboration is easier. With our REINER® hand printers, you can also digitize your postal management. Anyone who attaches the online postage to letters with labels must always have enough labels available. If they do run out, it can cause significant delays. On the REINER® handheld inkjets you save all the information that you want to put on your mail centrally. This keeps you flexible and allows you to spontaneously print postal stamps or make changes to saved designs. 

Direct printing is also more robust and secure than if you print out stamps and attach them to labels . You can print postal internet stamps particularly securely with the REINER® special ink - they are guaranteed to remain legible. Last but not least, direct printing is more environmentally friendly. Labels may be small, but in bulk they create a significant amount of avoidable waste. Rely on the mobile REINER® hand printer and make your mail management more sustainable.
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Printing postal stamps with the REINER® hand printers: This is how it works

Thanks to our collaboration with Deutsche Post AG and Schweizerische Post AG, buying and printing stamps online is easy.

As a customer of Deutsche Post AG:
  • Visit the website of Deutsche Post AG.
  • Under the In the "Postage for direct franking" area, you can choose from various letter sizes.
  • For example, select "Standard letter" and you will see a preview of the selected internet brand.
  • Click on "Print on" to get an overview of the print options. Here select "REINER® jetStamp" and accept the selection.
  • As soon as you have the Deutsche Post internet brand ordered, you can print out the postage stamps or download them as a PDF file.
As a customer of Schweizerische Post AG:
  • Visit the Swiss Post AG website.
  • Click on "Create WebStamp" and select the shipping method and format.
  • Then select the options ”without picture” enter your sender address if required.
  • Now select ”without recipient addresses”. You will then be offered various printing options.
  • Click on ”Print yourself” and select the ”Thermolabels” option under Print medium.
  • Finally, unfold the label type selection and select ”REINER jetStamp®” out.
  • Once you have completed the purchase process, you can print or download your postage online.

What characterizes the special quality of the REINER® marking devices?

All REINER® marking devices are ”Made in Germany” and are characterized by the highest manufacturing quality. During development, we have consistently focused on the requirements of our customers from a wide variety of industries. The mobile REINER® hand printer are therefore all-round talents that represent the right solution for every need.

Our printers are intelligently designed, robustly built and equipped with a high-quality battery. They were specially designed for mobile use. Whether in the office, in the warehouse or outdoors: the REINER jetStamp® models represent a valuable colleague at every workplace that you no longer want to be without. The special print head prevents the ink from drying out, even during longer work breaks.

Thanks to the simple and intuitive handling of the inkjet devices, there are no long training periods and application errors are minimized even with frequently changing personnel. The most common stamp imprints are already pre-installed in the device. With the supplied software you can easily create your own print motifs.

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