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Leave imprints – the batch number printer from REINER®

Leave imprints – the batch number printer from REINER
Distributing goods and products traceable throughout the world is an aspect that is of great importance in logistics. Different types of marking require different solutions regarding the type of marking and the integration into existing production processes.

An easy task for the mobile marking solutions from REINER®.

Clear defined marking

A batch is the complete production quantity of a product that is manufactured under the same conditions. The batch number identifies the product and makes it possible to trace it without any doubt. This is particularly necessary if a complete batch is faulty and must be recalled. Also regarding the investigation of cause of wrong articles clear batch numbers are indispensable.

In contrast to the imprint of constantly changing codes, such as serial numbers or SLEDs, the batch number for the production unit remains unchanged. However, if a raw material component changes or if the employees have a shift change, the batch number is adjusted accordingly. This makes it possible to trace exactly who was involved in the manufacturing process, which materials were used and what was ultimately responsible for the error.

Marking professionals for any challenge

REINER®'s marking specialists reliably contribute to fast processing within the production chain with their technology that has been tried and tested for years and is constantly being further developed. They enable simple direct printing of many batch designation types and do not shy away from unusual surfaces. The LOT or batch numbers can also be combined with serial numbers or dates if required.

Especially the mobile marking devices jetStamp® 790 MP and jetStamp® 792 MP (successor jetStamp® 990) are suitable for simple and smear resistant printing. The devices can also print on non-absorbent materials such as foils or packaging by using special ink.

The handy inkjet printers already contain 25 imprints stored ex works and are able to store an additional 4 individual print images. It is easy to change between the imprints, even during operation. With the specially developed PCset easy software, which is included in the delivery, you can easily generate your own LOT numbers and transfer them to the device via the USB connection.

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