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Successful Trade Fair Appearance at FachPack 2019 in Nuremberg

Successful Trade Fair Appearance at FachPack 2019 in Nuremberg
FachPack 2019, held in Nuremberg from 24 to 26 September, was a complete success for REINER®.

Guests and hosts were satisfied across the board, with industry-specific presentations of the current marking device generation and great networking opportunities, as well as seeing an automatic printer built by REINER® trainees.
The trade fair's highlight was a model of an automatic printer built by the company's current trainees. The jetStamp® 1025 marking device was installed on a special device that is fully automated, letting it perform a print every 15 seconds. The mobile Inkjet printer jetStamp® 1025 was at the focus of our trade fair presentation, showcasing the current marking device generations for the packaging industry.

This industry in particular requires permanent, high quality imprints and markings on packaging materials or products. These requirements are met perfectly by the REINER® marking devices, as the response from many industry visitors confirms. "Visitor numbers on the trade fair days show that REINER is a valued and competent partner of the packaging industry. We were able to conduct many great interviews with both local and international specialist visitors. It is clear that FachPack is a top platform and an important industry meeting point," summarises Gerolf Heldmaier, sales management at Ernst REINER.

Environmentally conscious packaging was a focal point at the fair

The trade fair organisers made "environmentally conscious packaging" an important aspect for the first time this year. The packaging industry in particular has great potential in that area, and REINER® marking devices were able to fully convince the audience of their worth. REINER® marking devices have the special feature of printing right onto the corresponding product.
The specially developed MP ink ensures optimal adhesion of the print on many different materials, such as pallets, cardboard, glass or plastic. The enclosed "PCset graphic" software makes it easy and quick to generate print images on the computer and to transfer them to the corresponding device. This will save innumerable labels from the first day of use, which is ideal for environmentally conscious work.

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