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Application clip: Self-service scanner RS980 in the supplier terminal - Quick and simple digitalisation of documents in logistics

Made in Germany mini
The RS980 self-service multiformat scanner permits integration into self-service terminals and serves as a "digitalisation point".
The modular RS 980 reliably scans small vouchers and documents up to A4 in size in the self-service area.
The simple and safe operation ensures particularly quick processes. The scan system supports document administration in industry, bank, trading and logistics terminals.

The application clip shows an optimised inbound goods process.
Integration of the REINER® self-service scanner RS980 into a self-service terminal, shown here using the example of the DocScanBox by Pyramid, enables the forwarder to scan the vouchers directly, easily and safely at the self-service terminal.
The data are automatically submitted and archived by scanning.

Less time needed, improved safety. The REINER® solution for logistics.

The multiformat scanner RS 980 processes all the common paper formats from A7 to A4.
The scanner produces high-quality front and rear colour images with a visual resolution of up to 600 dpi in one pass and even permits recordings with UV and IR light, so that the safety features of the documents can be reviewed visually or automatically.

Learn more about the perfect solution for your logistics in the brief clip!

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