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Scan – copy – print:
simply explained in the REINER® training video

Schulungsvideo 1 von 3 - Scan-Copy-Print
A single marking device is all that is needed for optimal handling of incoming goods. The new REINER® “Scan-Copy-Print” training video shows what you need for it.

Repacking, labelling, and sending on are common work steps in incoming goods. The REINER® jetStamp® 1025 sense with its plug-on SENSOR 1D/2D CODE READER can noticeably simplify this work. The all-rounder is the only device needed for this since the mobile marking device can process the barcodes on the goods to fully automatically produce a copy of the label that can be printed on, e.g., for smaller or larger packaging units.

REINER® explains the settings needed for handling of the marking device in this area of use in an easily comprehensible training video that explains, among other things, a number of functions and options for the marking process with the jetStamp® 1025 sense and the 1D/2D code reader.
The video is available on the REINER® YouTube channel.

All information on the REINER® marking devices is available here.