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Bee-keepers value very durable printing directly on the glass

Bee-keepers value very durable printing directly on the glass
Let's be honest: Who doesn't always check the best-before date in the store before putting goods into their shopping carts? Honey is easy to store and keeps virtually forever. Its precise marking is stipulated by law, however, and those who enjoy it are happy about this.

High-quality marking for valuable goods

The REINER® handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® 790 (successor jetStamp® 990) can print quickly even onto glass with a new quick-drying printing ink. The imprint with MP4 ink is smear resistant of intense colour even on smooth surfaces, convincing even under moist conditions. It ensures quick and reliable as well as highly professional marking.

Perfect imprint on the glass

You can hold the REINER® mobile marking device jetStamp® 790 MP4 (successor jetStamp® 990) in your hand while printing on your glasses. The inkjet printer is designed for simplicity. It meets all requirements of industrial marking processes. After all, small amounts also need clear and consistent coding.

Added value with additional information

The handheld marking device jetStamp® 790 MP (successor jetStamp® 990) prints up to two lines of text and offers space for the important manufacturer's information such as the best-before date and the lot no. This creates trust and shows that you value your good product. With your marking, you can guarantee that your honey is precious. The customers really like that.