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REINER® has strong appeal ...

REINER has strong appeal ...
...especially when it comes to training. This is evident in the brand new trainee T-shirts.

The shirts come with a specially designed trainee logo and the slogan “Training with us is REINER® success” and are a real eye-catcher.
Our trainees are thus not only testifying their solidarity to the training. For many of them the annoying question of the right clothes no longer arises in the morning, because most of them simply put on their shirts daily for work. The trainers are also very enthusiastic and are increasingly turning to alternatives that strengthen their sense of community.

At the vocational training fair at the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium in Furtwangen (OHG) on 04 May 2019, REINER® trainees can be recognised by the uniform garments. This year the fair takes place for the 11th time and wants to give pupils an impression of the possibilities of an apprenticeship at Ernst REINER®. Of course, our newly clothed apprentices should not be missing there.