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NEW: Yellow ink for the mobile jetStamp® 1025 inkjet printers

NEW: Yellow ink for the mobile jetStamp 1025 inkjet printers
The new yellow P5-MP6-YE ink enables the mobile jetStamp® 1025 marking device to print in high contrast on dark surfaces as well now.

The new P5-MP6-YE ink adheres to many different surfaces. Materials such as PE, PP, PET, aluminium, blister foil, rubber, glass and also paper can be printed on.
The imprint range of the jetStamp® 1025 knows barely any limits. Sequential barcodes (1D codes) and data-matrix codes (2D codes) can be printed just as well as logos, icons, best-before dates, texts and times.
Beverage, medicine, cosmetics and food manufacturers who print on dark surfaces, jam lids, folding boxes or cream jars will find this new ink the perfect supplementation for the existing black kind. The handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® 1025 can now finally print on dark surfaces as well as on light and transparent materials.

As a special accessory, we recommend the foam material indicators of print position. They support consistent marking, in particular on small or curved objects. 20 self-adhesive pre-punched foam elements in different sizes and shapes can be applied to the base plate of the marking unit to produce a frame matching the object to be printed on and ensure reproducible placement. You can then simply position and mark your object.

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