Use mobile marking at events to prevent infectionSafe implementation of hygiene concepts with REINER® hand printers

Protection against infection: Marking on documents made easy with the REINER jetStamp® 1025

If you are organizing a larger event these days, you must ensure that you comply with numerous hygiene regulations. The legislator has not only regulated how many people are allowed to meet, but also which regulations must be observed. This not only makes planning very complex. Especially the implementation of a hygiene concept in practice quickly becomes a challenge. It can be difficult to keep track of the individual participants in a crowd.
The mobile inkjet printer REINER jetStamp® 1025 supports you efficiently in all marking and documentation tasks. As an alternative to wristbands that are difficult to label, the mobile hand printer prints directly onto the admission ticket. Absolutely forgery-proof and reliable as on all other surfaces. This makes it possible to affix individual numbers, for example, to admission tickets, certificates of participation or visitors' starting numbers. When entering or leaving, this number can be recorded in a table together with the time of day. This is a particularly uncomplicated way of ensuring that only as many people as are permitted on the site at any one time.

In order to carry out major events in times of Corona, time-saving technical solutions for access control are crucial. Whether it is a trade fair, wedding, funeral, school party, party conference or sports event: The REINER® hand printer jetStamp® 1025 facilitates the implementation of the strict hygiene regulations and increases the safety of all visitors. The ink dries immediately, is smudge-proof and lasts all day. With our mobile hand printers you keep the overview, provide protection against infection and are thus also legally well protected.

Worth knowing about temperature measurement and marking as part of hygiene regulations - Documentation for protection against infection made easy with the jetStamp® 1025

Hygiene rules: How can body temperature be measured on entry and at the same time reliably documented?

Larger events are allowed again, but the best possible protection against infection must be provided for all participants. Meetings usually take place in closed and poorly ventilated rooms. Here the air accumulates, which increases the danger of infection due to the aerosol enrichment. Therefore, one of the most important hygiene regulations at events is to observe the maximum number of participants. Limiting the number of people present is the most basic and simplest measure to ensure greater safety at meetings of all kinds. At the same time, infected persons should be prevented from entering the premises from the outset. The responsibility for this lies with the people who organize the event. The question often arises among those responsible as to how these hygiene rules can be implemented as safely and efficiently as possible.
Use a contactless thermometer to check visitors to your event for elevated body temperature before they enter. Those who are within the normal range will then receive an individual visitor number which is printed directly onto the desired document with the REINER® hand printer jetStamp® 1025. Each number can be stored on a PC with the person's contact details and the time of arrival and departure. It could not be easier!
Implement hygiene rules safely and efficiently

Fast and flexible: In which situations is it appropriate to label visitors using direct printing?


New products and innovations are presented and contacts are made at trade fairs. In many industries they are a regular highlight with numerous visitors. The organization of trade fairs always poses a great logistical and planning challenge. The additional regulations for hygiene at trade fairs that currently apply make the whole thing even more demanding.
By using the REINER jetStamp® 1025 the implementation of individual hygiene concepts at events is made much easier. Simply connect jetStamp® 1025 to a thermometer, start senseAPP and measure temperature. Assign a number to every visitor who has an inconspicuous body temperature. Print this number directly on his ticket. In this way, you ensure optimum trade fair hygiene and safety for visitors.

sporting events

Sports competitions are an important part of many people's lives. Mostly they take place in front of an audience consisting of friends and relatives of the participants and spectators. While there are exceptional rules for the practice of sports activities, in principle all those present must adhere to the prescribed hygiene concept for events. Hygiene concepts for clubs do not differ in principle from other guidelines. The easiest way for you as the organizer to keep an overview is to check each visitor's body temperature and to print a visitor number directly on the start number of healthy persons. With the mobile identification device jetStamp® the determination of the temperature is very easy. The basic model can be connected to many surface temperature measuring devices via Bluetooth or USB. All measured values can thus be reliably printed directly onto documents and other surfaces under all conditions. For supervisors it is so clearly evident whether all present ones were examined and also the time of the arrival and leaving can be seized at the entrance completely simply.
Mark visitors on arm or hand


Strict protection and hygiene measures must also be taken at concerts. A distinction must be made between indoor and open air concert rules. Keep an overview of all those present by assigning an individual visitor number to each one with the REINER jetStamp® 1025. Each person can thus be identified without any doubt and the recording of arrival and departure times is particularly time-saving.

In addition, the safety of the guests can be guaranteed by a fast and efficient temperature measurement. REINER® offers a flexible solution for mobile temperature measurements and their documentation around the jetStamp® 1025. The basic model can be connected to many surface temperature measuring devices via Bluetooth or USB. The senseAPP developed for this purpose enables direct printing of the measured data. All measured values can thus be reliably printed directly on documents and other surfaces under all conditions. jetStamp® 1025s and jetStamp® 1025sT allow maximum freedom and flexibility, because both models even function without external measuring devices. The jetStamp® 1025s has a special sensor socket that allows a thermometer to be connected directly to the device. With the jetStamp®sT not even this is necessary - a thermometer is already integrated in the printer.

What are the most important points when creating a hygiene concept and how do our mobile inkjets facilitate its implementation?

If you are planning a larger event, you can use official checklists to create an event hygiene concept. In this way you can ensure that you do not overlook anything and that all specifications are adhered to exactly.
One of the most important points is the distance requirement of 1.5 meters. As the organizer, you have only limited influence on compliance. Here, every participant is required to adhere to the regulations himself. What you can and must directly influence is the adherence to the maximum number of visitors. This may not be exceeded at any time. Use the portable printer jetStamp® 1025 to mark the tickets of visitors as well as the visitors themselves with information that allows your staff to quickly recognize that they are legally on the premises.
Excluded from participation from the outset are all persons who show symptoms of illness or who have had contact with an infected person in the last 14 days. Ideally, you should check the body temperature of all visitors at the entrance to identify those who are infected but do not know about it. If the temperature is inconspicuous, an "OK" can be printed quickly and easily on ticket and arm or hand. Should you subsequently learn of a person who was present despite being infected, the identification of all participants as well as their means of contact must be secured. Furthermore, possibilities for hand hygiene must be provided. Of course, there are also other points that must be observed.
Ask your local Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK): almost all of them provide sample hygiene concepts. DEHOGA has provided appropriate sample templates for the hospitality industry. For clubs, sample templates are available from the South Baden Football Association.
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