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Marking according to standards

Marking according to standards
Mobile printing on wood with REINER® 940 has never been easier.

No matter if pallets, boxes, wood drums or solid wood packaging: The REINER® 940 is a mobile marking device for all wood products according to the IPPC standard.
Other markings, such as date, time or consecutive bar-code, may be added as required.
Best technology with two sensors, quick-drying ink and simple use make the handheld REINER® 940 a vital helper.

REINER® 940Easy. Mobile. Stabile.

Easy to use!
The specifically developed software permits positioning of country and region ID, register number and abbreviations for the treatment method in the right locations simply with the click of a mouse; on request including time, date and consecutive barcode.
Four customisable printing layouts are available. After transfer via the USB port, the integrated movement sensor ensures top printing quality at consistent quality.

Print size up to: 12.5 x 140 mm.

In spite of the compact dimensions, the battery capacity will cover up to 1000 prints.
This saves strength and time.

What does IPPC mean?

The UN suborganisation "International Plant Protection Convention" (IPPC) has the task to prevent and control spreading and introduction of diseases on plants and plant products.

The IPPC standard "ISPM 15" (International Standard of Phytosanitary Measures) developed by it laid the basis for global harmonisation of the protective measures and import provisions.
The plant protection services or offices provide information on the countries in which the IPPC standard applies, from when onwards and at what scope.

What contents must be printed on according to the ISPM 15?

Packaging mark:
The mark must be applied permanently and be clearly legible on two opposite sides of the packaging.

It is made up of
- the country ID according to ISO 3166 (e.g. DE for Germany),
- the ID for the region (e.g. NW for North Rhine-Westphalia) and
- a register number assigned to the packaging manufacturer, packer or dispatcher by the regional phytosanitary office.

Depending on treatment method, the abbreviation HT (heat treatment) or MB (gassing with methyl bromide) is added. The information DB may need to be added for debarked.

ISPM 15 only applies to full wood. This shall not apply to wood materials and full wood thinner than 6 mm (in correspondence with the harmonised system of the EU).