Dater with textplate, model D28c

Special features

  • dater for special applications with round textplate
  • date in figures, full year, stylo set
Pos.Sample PrintsA ↕ 
Pos. 171D28c; Pos.: Pos. 171; 3.0 mm (72dpi)3.0 mm
Pos. 172D28c; Pos.: Pos. 172; 3.0 mm (72dpi)3.0 mm
Pos. 173D28c; Pos.: Pos. 173; 3.0 mm (72dpi)3.0 mm

Technical Data

Prints:Number Date Text
Action:Stylo set
Textplate size:Diameter 29 mm, steel unengraved
Figure size:3.0 mm
Figure style:Block
Net weight:about 330 g


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Inked Pads incl. Pad Holderblack

Suitable for: D28c
141078 300.jpg
Width of inner frame:

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