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REINER® is putting new yellow ink for mobile inkjet printers on the market

REINER is putting new yellow ink for mobile inkjet printers on the market
REINER® expands its ink range by yellow ink. The yellow solvent-based ink was developed to permit safe and mobile marking for materials of dark colours that used to be difficult to print on before.
"Our close contact and exchange with our customers means that we know the market very well and are able to focus and bundle our innovative power to match customer needs.
In development of the yellow ink P1-MP6-YE, we put the greatest value on good visibility on dark materials, as well as on optimal adhesion on materials that are difficult to print on, while keeping the drying time short," says Gerolf Heldmaier, product manager at REINER®.

Good adhesion. Indelible. Good visibility.

The new ink P1-MP6-YE will stick to different materials. We can use it to print on materials such as PE, PP, PET, aluminium, blister film, rubber, glass and paper. Like all MP inks by REINER®, the yellow MP ink offers very good adhesion and abrasion resistance on many different materials.
Mobile inkjet printing is particularly important for companies with average piece numbers and for special product forms or packaging types. Beverage manufacturers that desire high-contrast printing on dark bottles, or the industry, which requires clearly visible numbering of production parts, are highly interested in this marking solution; so are the medicine, cosmetics and food industries with black or brown bottles, jam lids or cream pots.
The handheld inkjet printer can be placed right in the desired position and will print immediately. Printing of additional labels, which some manufacturers used before, is a thing of the past. Label preparation is no longer necessary. The print is applied directly to the dark material. This leads to more efficient production by saving work steps and costs.

"REINER® continually invests in the development of new inks, as well as in new inkjet printers, since the customers' requirements vary and we aim to exceed them with the REINER® marking units," Gerolf Heldmaier says.

The yellow ink is compatible with the REINER® handheld printers jetStamp® 790/791/792 MP2 and jetStamp® 790/792 MP2 Marker 10 (successor jetStamp® 990).

jetStamp® 790/791/792 MP (successor jetStamp® 990) – the portable handheld inkjet printers

The handheld jetStamp® 790/791/792 MP2 marking series (successor jetStamp® 990) from REINER® prints quickly and silently on all smooth and irregular surfaces in mobile or stationary use. Printing on special surfaces such as metal and plastics is possible as well. The mobile printers are outstanding for labelling small parts. Consecutive marking of, e.g., serial numbers, production or best-before dates on small, round or curved parts or packaging is not an obstacle for the handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® 790/791/792 MP (successor jetStamp® 990). The simple menu guidance through the LCD at the device is user-friendly. Up to four individual texts or special functions are possible. Depending on the device model, e.g. 25 different imprints can be saved in the device, power can be supplied by rechargeable battery or a mains unit and the software permits printing a highlighted text from any MS-Office program.