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REINER® 940 - Marking Packaging according to the IPPC Standard!

REINER 940 - Marking Packaging according to the IPPC Standard!
The REINER® 940 of Ernst REINER® GmbH & Co. KG, makes ISPM 15 marking on wood packaging media even easier. The mobile REINER® 940 marks any pallet, box or other solid wood packaging according to the specified standards. The actual mark can be supplemented by further marking elements such as date, time or serial numbering barcode, depending on requirements.
The international plant protection convention (IPPC), signed as early as 1952, was the first international treaty to protect plants and local forests from the introduction of wood pests. The international directive ISPM 15 "Framework conditions for the regulation of wood packaging materials in international trade 03/2002" was passed in 2009 to standardise the quarantine provisions of the signatories.

It specifies import provisions for solid wood packaging. Among others, the directive requires that the mark be applied permanently and well legible to two opposing sides of the packaging (pallet, box, etc.). The handheld inkjet printer REINER® 940 is a mobile inkjet printer that can meet the requirements of the directive quickly and easily. Country ID, region ID, registration number and the abbreviation of the treatment method can be placed in just the right location by a simple mouse click with the dedicated software.

Further marking elements such as time, date and serial numbering barcode can be added as required. The device has four imprints for this that can be customised on a maximum size of 12.5 x 140 mm.

Once the mark is set up, it is transferred to the mobile marking device REINER® 940 via USB. A movement sensor ensures even quality when device over the goods for printing. The battery capacity can complete up to 1000 prints in mobile use to mark batches quickly and individually.

Different inks for various applications are available. The devices print on paper as well as on non-porous surfaces such as metal and plastic.