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Blood-Pressure Meter Beurer BM 54
Blood-Pressure Meter Beurer BM 54

Beurer BM 54 Bluetooth Upper-Arm Blood-Pressure Meter

Correct blood pressure measurement and instant printing of the values on the jetStamp®1025.
Simple data processing and documentation using the REINER® senseAPP.

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The BM 54 Bluetooth blood-pressure meter from health specialist Beurer is ideal for conveniently and fully automatically measuring blood pressure and pulse rate on the upper arm. All it takes to start the measurement at the push of a button is putting on the universal cuff for arm circumferences from 22 to 44 centimetres. The results are displayed well-structured within just a few seconds.

The BM 54 is also connected to the REINER® senseAPP via its integrated Bluetooth interface, providing the measured values there immediately to be printed on the REINER jetStamp® 1025 marking device and keeping the values at hand immediately.

Comprehensive functions for your own health

The Beurer BM 54 not only measures blood pressure and pulse rate, but also helps evaluate and assess the collected values. A risk indicator places the measurement results along a coloured scale, while the integrated arrhythmia detection warns if any potential disturbance of the heart rhythm is found. Mean values produced across all stored values or across the last seven days provide a continuous overview of the health condition. Two users can store up to 60 measured values.

Blood pressure measurement and documentation with the Beurer BM 54, the REINER®® senseAPP and the mobile inkjet printer jetStamp® 1025 for a healthy life.

Technical Data

Dimensions:139 x 94 x 48 mm
Weight:349 g