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Software update of the PCset graphic software


REINER® is periodically providing software updates to improve the functions of marking devices.

This update had the following improvements:
  • Combination of Sopro 001 (Sense) and Sopro 007 (keyboard on device) into the standard
  • PCset graphic version and firmware 1025/1025 sense, 970, 940 version query
  • Default date and time formats adapted
    • Calendar week (cc) and day of the week (w) newly inserted
  • Module widths 1 and 2 in the barcode dialogue permitted (+ new barcode DLL)
  • Code128 barcode expanded by starting characters A and C
  • Figures can be turned, mirror-inverted, and inverted. Aspect ratio preservation when enlarging can be set.
  • Summertime settings 940 and 970 (via the Extras menu)
  • Other errors removed
Neues Update für jetStamp 990
Download the latest software version V7.0 of the PCset graphic print image design software here. The software is working with the jetStamp® 1025/1025 sense, jetStamp® graphic 970 and REINER® 940 marking devices to let your marking device print reliably and securely at all times.

To the download:
Software PCset graphic 7.0

To the firmware download:
jetStamp® 1025 Firmware Version 3.0
jetStamp® 1025 sense Firmware Version 3.0