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Update of the PCset graphic software

for our graphic capable jetStamp® devices

Softwareupdate jetStamp 1025 / 1025sense, jetStamp graphic 970 und REINER 940
REINER® provides software updates at regular intervals to improve the functionality of the marking devices.
In this update, the following improvements have been made:
  • Barcode Code128 with start character C now also processes odd number of characters by switching to Code B.
  • GS1 code can be generated from barcode Code 128 with "GS1 / EAN128 (FNC1)" check mark.
  • Minimization of barcode height for 1D barcodes without plain text to 1mm.
  • Minimize barcode height for 1D barcodes with plain text to 3.5mm.
  • In the "Help" menu there is now the possibility to give customer feedback and win great prizes.
  • The "Update" dialog can be accessed from the "Help" menu. This dialog can be deactivated. If deactivated, the dialog will appear only once a year.
Download the latest software version, V7.1 for the jetStamp® 1025 / 1025 sense, jetStamp® graphic 970 and REINER® 940 devices here, so that your marking device always works reliably and safely.

Download here:
Software PCset graphic V7.1