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Package labeling Würth Logistics Center
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Printed rather than bonded

Würth relies on packaging marking with the jetStamp® 1025

Cardboard printing
The Bulgarian capital city of Sofia is the home of a Würth logistics centre where bulk goods packages are used to sort small parts coming right from production, such as screw nuts, and portion them for customers and trade. For this, the goods are packed in boxes compliant with trade needs.

An intact logistics chain requires precise marking of the packaging.

All in one: mobile, ERP-compatible, economically efficient and sustainable

Marking packaging
The jetStamp® 1025 marking device simplifies the processes in the Würth logistics centre, benefitting the whole chain.
Entirely without cables or a fixed location, the flexible inkjet printer may be used
right at the packaging station, or wherever it is needed.

Additionally, it was necessary to establish a connection with the internal Dynamics ERP system. Material demand is planned via the ERP and must ensure that
all components are available in the right location, at the right time and at the right quantity.

Benefits at a galance:

  • Mobile – use directly at the packaging place
  • Efficient – journeys to the label printer are removed
  • Economic – low ink consumption, despite frequent use
  • Profitable – much lower operating costs than the label printer
  • Sustainable – direct print makes labels unnecessary


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